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A Model Moccasin
D.O.B. 8-21-09
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior
Dam: C Spots Salvos Import "Saga"
Beautiful (and Long awaited) Red Leopard Filly -3/4 Falabella.
A Model Tomahawk
D.O.B. 7-27-09 
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior
Dam: Field Of Dreams Moody Blues
Handsome Colt -SOLD

A Model Dream Catcher
D.O.B. 7-19-09 
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior
Dam: Iles A Model Pocahontas
Gorgeous Few Spot Filly
SOLD Congratulations to: Helen Estes, West Palm Beach Fla.
A Model Indian Love Song
D.O.B 5-23-09
Sire: Alliance Piano Man
Dam: Cyrsons Morning Star
Teepee is a beautiful and loud sorrel snowcap filly, She is leggy, Refined. and lovely mover. and what a pretty head. Appaloosa
breeding at its best. She is not for sale, she is staying here. We want to thank Ginny Long for intrusting us with her mom Cyrsons Morning Star. She is a perfect addition to our appy program.

A Model Chinook Warrior
D.O.B. May 13 2009
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior
Dam: Sweetwaters Leopard Lady
Here he is a very special Few Spot colt with blue eyes. This exceptional little guy is not for sale at this time.
He is staying here. We have High expectations for this beautiful colt. More photos on Stallion page.
A Model Prairie Sioux  -SOLD
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior
Dam:CN Miss Moon Shadow
Sioux has a beautiful head a nice top line, perfect hip and is a beautiful mover with a floating trot. Sioux has a small white blanket with black spots on her hips. She is sure to get more color and will be a plus to any appy program.
A Model Hiawatha -For Sale
 D.O.B. 4-27-09
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior
Dam: Snofires Delighful Surprize (Chihala).

A Model Chickasaw
Black Leopard Appaloosa colt
 WOW If you want quality here he is. A Flashy leopard Colt, with black legs and mane and tail. Beautiful Arab head, long slender neck, This colt is refined and has great conformation. 
Sire: DRK Tuff Warrior -Leopard
Dam: Six Gems Baby Trinket
SOLD Congratulations to: Maria Gabriela Gomez (Gaby) in Venezuela
A Model Spirit Walker 
D.O. B 4-15-09 18.5" and 6 and three quarter cannon bone.
WOW another small colt This one is very special. A Quality few spot, small, correct with Arab head and white ear tips. and so friendly. Triple Reg. AMHA/AMHR/and Falllabella blend. All appy ped on both sides. He will surely be someone's dream stallion for color and pedigree.
SOLD Congratulations to Gayle Wilner of Kakos Happy Horses in N.C.




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